Promotions, Loyalty & Customer Rewards Policy

PokeSouq LLC maintains a Customer Account Loyalty Rewards / Store Credit Program.
Membership in the Program is available to any United Arab Emirates resident who is at least eighteen (18) years old and provides valid and accurate personal information when enrolling.. Participation in a separate and unique credit or debit card program is not required for a general membership. Once enrolled into the Program, you will enter at the member status level and are entitled to the rewards and benefits of membership as set out herein or in promotional materials.

Membership is available to all customers. A limit of a single email address per customer is required. PokeSouq LLC reservces the right to remove any customer found to be misusing any of the Customer Account Loyalty Rewards / Store Credit systems in place by utilizing multiple accounts and/or email addresses.
Points / Credit earned throughout the program is subject to expiry and is valid for a maximum period of 1 calendar year, starting from the date/time it has been credited to individual customer accounts.

Points / Credits have no monetary value. Points/Credits expire after 12 months if you do not make any purchase in the 12 months after earning them.

Please note that points/credits cannot be earned for any purchase made using a reward coupon; store credit or merchandise credit; charity donations; purchase of a gift card; or the value of any gifts-with-purchase. All other purchases will be qualifying purchases.

PokeSouq LLC reserves the right to deem any product at anytime as non-qualifying products and will not be considered when calculating, rewarding or distributing any points/credits.

You can only use one voucher and/or promotion at any one time when making a purchase, and it cannot be combined with any other vouchers or discount codes or be applied to discounted items or in conjunction with any other on-going promotion, unless specified. The voucher/discount will only apply to the product price and will not apply to any delivery costs.

Members must maintain an active Program membership to earn and redeem points. You may opt out of the Program at any time. If you opt out of the Program, you will no longer earn points or be able to redeem points and you will forfeit your unused and unexpired points. Deletion of points is final and cannot be reversed. To cancel a Program membership, please call Customer Service.on

PokeSouq LLC reserves the right to remove any Member that abuses or circumvents the program in anyway to gain points undeserved. This is including, but not limited to:

  1. Referring Non-Active Users 
  2. Reviewing products that haven't been purchased by the Customer/Member
  3. Creating False Accounts and signing up

How will we update these Terms and Conditions?

PokeSouq LLC reserves the right to unilaterally change the Terms and Conditions of the Program, including suspending or canceling any parts of the Program in the following cases:

  • When necessary following legislative changes
  • If the Program is no longer profitable for PokeSouq LLC
  • If deemed unnecessarily burdensome - for technical or commercial reasons - for PokeSouq LLC


All promotions available on PokeSouq LLC's website are standalone and cannot be used in conjunction with each other unless specifically mentioned in the promotional materials and/or promotions page.
This applies to all Buy-X-Get-Y Free, Free Gfit, Discount and/or Promotion Codes, Loyalty Points, Shipping Discounts, In-store promotions, 3rd-Party Discounts and any other launched promotion.